This graphic, which had to work well with the existing branding of the school's web site, showed in real time how much money was being raised for the financing of a new building. The school, until then, was housed in trailers. 
The numbers symbolize building blocks, each representing $1,000,000. At first they are outlines and look skeletal, but then they fill up gradually, like the walls of the new school building, for which this money was being raised. 
“The design for the Donation Meter on our website is simple, functional, and original all at once. We’ve had great feedback from users who like how it gives them a quick snapshot of the progress we’ve made on our school’s capital campaign without being overly complex. The design is fun and maintains (even deepens) the overall aesthetic of our school’s design identity.”       —Zeke Vanderhoek, Principal, TEP Charter School


The graphic was inserted into the school's existing website. 
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